Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Covernotes in Richmond Hill

There's a non-Tim Horton's/Starbuck's/Second Cup coffee shop in town! It's called Covernotes and it's located at the old high school on Old Yonge, beside the Theatre. (Drama types and coffee just seem to go together.) I think this is as indie as it's gonna get in the suburbs :D

Last Thursday, Ben and I walked to Mill Pond and then stopped at said coffee shop on our way home. Verdict: not bad at all... Well--the coffee and latte we got an Thursday was a bit bland, but we went back the next day after going to Potatoes (another awesome food place on Old Yonge), and it was much better.

So what makes it stand out? They sell Kawartha Lakes ice cream, too! No, really, it's my dream coffee shop. (When I become a full-fledged writer, I'm going to set up a bean bag or couch in there.) It's got music and art and books! I kid you not--the art and books part, I mean. I haven't been to the Newmarket store, but the back of the Richmond Hill store is a mini library. There's a poster in there somewhere that says "Books on the Hill"--so they either bought out the old second hand book shop or the book shop has relocated to the back of the coffee shop.

Check it out sometime!

The front of the store + fiance (<3):

To the right of the counter:

This is just past the right side of the counter:

This is the left side of the counter:

And the mini-library at the back!