Saturday, March 10, 2012

Try This Style dot com

Although I love fashion and read about it on a daily basis, I'm actually not fashionable myself. I tend to stick to plain jeans, tops, and the season-appropriate footwear. So when I visited for fun, I thought... hey, why not?

For lols, I hit refresh on that website and wrote down each combo that popped up. I had 14 styles to choose from in the end, but I only ended up with what I have here. (Note to webmaster (yes, Regnard, you): 3/4 sleeves are OUT.) Then I went to Value Village and two different malls to see where I could find some of these outfits.

This first one is pretty boring. I couldn't find any aquamarine camis at H&M, so I settled for the nearest thing. Pretty mommy-ish, imo. The trousers were also a tad big for me.

The next was interesting! I found both at Value Village. The shorts were dressy enough for the purposes of trying out new stuff. I dig how the top made me look like I had D-cups.

The next one is also from Value Village. I bought the top because it was presumably still unworn (it had the original price tag). I had to adjust the lightness on this pic because it was dark in the change room, and the clothes themselves were dark.

This set was from Costa Blanca. The lighting in the change rooms were terrible, but they look good irl.

For some of the weirder combos, I went to American Apparel.

No, I would not be caught dead wearing the above around town, but the skirt was cute, and the top was comfy.

Hmm... See, in the light of the fitting room, the top in the above picture was purple. Also, I had trouble looking for a shrug, so I figured a shrug-like item was going to be okay. And I thought the leggings looked beige... But, in any case, they look good together, no?

When this next one popped up on, I was very dubious...

Seriously, green jeans? Guess what, though! Jewel-toned jeans are The Item to own this spring, so I went into Guess and snapped this:

The above combo is actually my favourite outfit. The jeans were tighter than I'd've been comfortable rocking, but, all in all, it felt, well, "cool." (Do people still use that word?) Maybe it was just the price tag, though. $108 for those jeans, and $78 for that top. Worth it? Not sure...

The awesome part about this experiment is that I hit up so many stores I would've otherwise never walked into, especially Guess, Sirens, and Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Lesson learned: if you feel sexy in it, it looks good. Case in point: the Guess outfit.

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